Phone & Telecom


Voice and telecom systems have become staples in the business environment.  OGS has the expertise you need in this field as well.  We provide complete telecommunications solutions for any sized business or home offices.  From complex office telecom networks to multi-line phone systems we can design a reliable, efficient, and economical solution for you.

Whether it is our installation or one done by someone else, OGS can support and maintain your telecommunications systems to assure they are up and running efficiently.

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Here at OGS we understand that your phone systems are your link to the world. We offer a wide variety of solutions for your business or home office phone systems.  All of our systems are tailored to meet your exact needs and specifications.  We will consult with you to determine how many lines you need and what additional features you would like.

Our skilled technicians provide you with hassle-free guidance as you select, install, and learn your new phone system.  From basic POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service)  to PBX, T1 lines and VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) systems, we can help you find the best solution for your needs.  We can add voicemail functionality and auto attendants to any of our phone systems or to pre-existing systems.  We can also customize systems with call forwarding services without long distance or additional line charges.

OGS will always work with you to provide the best and most cost effective solution for your internet access needs as well. We install and support a wide variety of internet connectivity options from DSL to T1 and fiber optics.  Our equipment is top-of-the line major market brands such as NEC, Avaya, Talkswitch, and Polycom to name a few. The expert telecommunications team here at OGS can help you find the most secure and reliable telecom solutions for your business.

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